Saying Goodbye to the Holidays

Tomorrow we put away all the Christmas decorations, but we can’t say goodbye to Christmas without sharing a video we love.  We love the guy who puts together talkinganimal clips on Youtube!

New Year’s Eve Ideas

So what are we doing?

Here are some of the things we’re shooting for:

My kids LOVE charades.  So each person will need to think of some event (preferably funny) that happened this year, and try to get us to guess it.  Might be scary to see what they think of!

Pillsbury has a funfetti cake mix — we’ll either make cake with it or cake cookies. I got it super cheap when it was on sale – at the time I was saving it for a birthday, but confetti cake at new year’s seems appropriate.

Homemade pizza is on the docket.

Flashlight limbo!  I saw this idea in Disney’s family fun — you point two flashlight beams at each other, thereby making a pole of light. Then it’s limbo time!  Add some awesome music  (lights should be off)!

Time capsule!  I have yet to decide if this year’s will be a physical capsule or a digital capsule.  I currently have a dvd for each year, filled with pictures and videos, that resides in our fireproof safe.

Goody delivery.  There are two amazing, spectacular, put-Griswald-to-shame, light displays in our neighborhood.  The kids would like to surprise them with a plate of treats, as a thank you.  I’ve lost count of how many nights we’ve revisited a particular one that is set to music.  It’s an amazing display – like fireworks made of lights.

Trying to stay awake until midnight, and succeeding at getting Mike to dance! ( ;

Stomach Growling Day

I’m still going through old photos and videos. Because with kids on break, I have to fight for time with the computer.
They usually win.

Today, however, we will be hitting the library and Target, and most importantly… browsing through The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

If you haven’t heard of her, you need to, because thus far I’ve made Ranch Style Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, Hot Wings, and Pecan Pie using her recipes, and they’ve all made my husband worship the ground I walk on.

Okay, maybe not that far, but there was some serious smiling, winking, and ‘mmmm…this is good, babe.’ happening.  And the kids even liked it. And this is huge for a girl that hates to cook… except for brownies.

So I’m perusing her recipes today and making a wish list.  Because you can’t make all her stuff all the time.  Well, you can, but you’d have to have some serious willpower to not eat it all.  Or you’ll have to go up a clothing size.

Breaking the News about New Year’s Eve to the Kids

Last night, Mike and I realized that our eldest won’t be with us on New Year’s Eve… she’s going to a youth group party complete with sumo-wrestling suits and Wii tournaments on giant big screens.

It’s a weird thought for both Mike & I… after all, last year was the first year the whole family stayed awake until after midnight.

Here’s a clip (used with the kids’ permission) of the moment when they found out what is supposed to happen at midnight. My favorite moment is the last second–look closely at Anabelle’s eyes.

They ended up accepting a kiss on the cheek from Mom and were relieved I didn’t make them kiss anyone else. ( :

Finding things to suit the youngest to the oldest can be challenging, but it will no doubt be fun!

So, I’m planning. Big party or small gathering? Buffalo chicken dip or buffalo wings? Decisions, decisions…

The kids received flashlights from an Uncle who gave them the idea of flashlight tag. I’m not sure I’m up for running around the house on New Year’s Eve but flashlight limbo sounds like a good time.

Do you have any good New Year’s Eve ideas for a family?

This is also the time where I start cleaning up my computer after a year’s worth of picture and video. I love to do a collage of what’s happened and look back and reflect. Then look forward…

What about you?