Anabelle made an awesome hat in school to celebrate 100 days of school!

So, in honor of 100 days of school, I thought it would be fun to count how many days the kids have NOT had school since the first day of school.  We’ll find the number, then count out that many cashews, that many raisins, that many m&ms, that many… well, you get the idea – it’ll be our snack bag for a movie or something.

She wore this hat to the bank to open up her savings account after her birthday and proclaimed herself “Queen 100 Days.” They gave her a pencil.

She was hoping for a lollipop.  Turns out they stopped giving those out for health reasons.

She vows to bring them back as her first political action.

Speaking of  political action…

My son has come home irate that the “principal seems to be avoiding me!”

Upon questioning, we found out that Sam has been seeking appointments with the principal to discuss policy.

I was shocked.  “What policy did you want to discuss?”

He corrected his posture. “I think that it is unacceptable that we pay 1.75 for a lunch that tastes like slop.  I could make a better lunch for 1.75!”

When he found out that the principal wasn’t responsible for lunch quality, he began writing letters to the government… and making his own lunch.

My own activist heart beats proudly.

Swords & Hats

I feel a bit nauseous at the moment.  Why?  Because sometimes the holidays I decide we’re NOT going to celebrate leave me that way. Not necessarily because they’re gross  –

International Sword Swallowers Awareness Day.  Yep.  Tomorrow, Saturday Feb 26th around the country sword swallowers will be showing their stuff AND inviting celebrities to pull swords back out of  –

Okay, I have to stop.  After seeing the pictures, anytime I think about it, my involuntary gag reflex kicks in. I’m too visual and empathetic.  Can’t. Handle. It.

But if you want to, go here.  There are a few historical tidbits there, but I have to warn you, there are videos and pictures, so be very careful checking it out around children.

I’m not ready for my sword-making-out-of-yardsticks-guy to see it quite yet.

Know Your Strengths & Personal Chefs

Imagine a delicious chocolate cake. Now cut a two-inch section from the middle. Use the two inch section as a wedge when stacking the remaining two halves of cake on top of each other.

Frost the whole thing with yummy chocolate frosting.

Fill the opening with gold coins, rolos, candy necklaces, and green (emerald) ring pops.  On top, use fruit by the foot to make treasure chest straps, and small gobstoppers to serve as the decorative gems for the treasure chest.

Surround the bottom of the chest with candy rocks.  After all, you have just pulled this edible treasure chest from the sea.

And oh, how the kids will love this cake.

Then imagine the top half of the cake sliding…. and before you can catch it, falling.

Then, because you used super moist cake, the cake literally falls apart at impact.  It looks as if the chest has exploded with candy.  Kids rush to aid you and take care of the candy.

Thank you, children, for saving the candy treasure . . . in your tummies!

What’s left for a cake decorating competition?



I learned two things:  Know your strengths & weaknesses.  My eldest said, “Mom, you’ve got lots of other strengths!”

Good thought, but probably would’ve been better received if her mouth wasn’t full of Rolos.

Second, read all comments before attempting a recipe. If I had, I would’ve seen other moms saying you shouldn’t buy any moist cake mix, and you should freeze the cake, and have another sheet cake on standyby.  Oh My.  That would’ve scared me off.

And, since it’s Personal Chef Day, I started reflecting.  I think that whoever cooks the food on whatever night should not just have an apron, but should have a chef outfit.


Just cause that’s the way my mind works.  I like this site.  I think Mike & I would look good wearing matching black chef shirts & hats.  And we’d wear it whenever we invite people over for dinner.

And whenever we’re about to present cake catastrophes.

The End.

Clean Money

This science experiment is about as easy as you can get!

Step 1: Take your family out to Taco Bell and get lots of different taco sauce packets. (Kidding! Sort of… you really just need taco sauce.)

I took some nasty pennies and let the kids have a go with it.

Anabelle chose to use Fire Salsa sauce. Brave girl.

Katarina grabbed the Green Salsa.

And Sam has the mild taco sauce.

They smeared it on the pennies, let them sit 2 minutes, and then rinsed them off.

Tip:  Have a strainer over the sink drain so pennies don’t go taking an escape route.

Katarina’s seemed to have the best result, but then we wondered about the experiment having an extra variable, namely Katarina is older and more thorough.

Sam’s did pretty well.

And Anabelle’s, well they’re on the third row… one of them she let sit EXTRA long and it seemed to just get fried!  Beware the fire salsa….

There are many variations and hypothesis you could do with this experiment.  Check it out!