Anabelle’s Turn

I admit I was taken aback at the dialogue Anabelle wrote for this script! Still snickering.

Even MORE Animation

Clearly this weekend is animation weekend for our family.
Sam’s turn:

Stuffed Animals Attack

Rainy day + tripod + sewing kit + stuffed animals = a daughter with funny ideas.

She took a fine piece of thread and sewed a small loop on the top of beanie babies, then took still pictures of each shot. Finally she put them all together in a fast moving slideshow with sound effects.

If you introduce your kids to this activity, there will be no shortage of giggles in your house.

Clay Animation Fun!

It’s a rainy Memorial Day Weekend. And as we wait for some special guests to arrive, Katarina got out the clay and started making animals.  Then she looked over and spied my tripod.

The next thing I knew, she had created her first animation!  What a fun idea!  I have a feeling this is the first of many, especially since she can add her own sound effects and have it produced within minutes! A great way to spend a rainy afternoon!