Summer Ideas: Kids Only Edition

Kids… have a moment where you’re bored, and really want to freak your mom out (and even your dog)?

Gather all your siblings, along with paper and markers, and go hide in one of your rooms.  Giggle a lot alternating with whispering.  Even the dog will wonder what’s going on . . .

Your mom will most likely fling the door open (position yourself away from the door, just in case), and go something along the lines of:  “AH HA!”

Look innocent, and say, “What?” while covering up whatever you’re innocently drawing.

Giggle hysterically when your mom nods and slowly closes the door.

More on Moving

I knew my husband was excited about building a man-cave, of sorts, in the garage. . .
however, when he started building bunk beds I thought it might be going too far.

Actually, we are enjoying making the house our home after renting for quite some time. Building shelves, as seen above, and raised garden beds, but when making your house yours it seems to take forever!

The little things, though, make it seem more like home instantly…

Since having a dog we have never been in a house that had a tree or a squirrel. Enter our first squirrel.

Sugar discovered her squirrel instinct (think of the movie, “Up”), and has been on guard duty for hours! The kids joined her in guard duty.

And discovered, when they stepped into our dog’s shoes, that the squirrel was chattering at them all!

Yep, we’re definitely home.




Happy Birthday & Decide to Be Married

This year Happy Birthday becomes Public Domain.  Since it’s sung every minute of every day, I guess it’s about time. I’m sure Mildred J. Hill never could’ve imagined her tune, which she wrote in 1859, sung as a good morning song would eventually be so popular . . . maybe her sister, who added the happy birthday lyric stanza to it in 1924 had a hint.  I don’t know.

So we’ll make sure the kids know how to play it on the piano, or the kazoo.  Go ahead and sing it, because you can be sure that someone . . . somewhere  is singing it too.

It’s also Decide to Be Married Day.  I don’t really know what to do with that except share this flashback from four years ago:

We sat at the table working on Perler beads – those things you create with on a peg board and then iron – Everyone was busy, focused on their own work of staggering genius, when Anabelle suddenly looked very concerned.

“Mom, I think I want to get married.”

I looked up, surprised.

Anabelle frowned and stared at her heart-shaped pegboard. “I’ll have to grab a boy tomorrow,” she mumbled.

Enjoying the State Parks

If you are not one who enjoys camping (I’m not), consider day trips to state parks within a couple of hours. There are bound to be treasures for your family to see!  We just so happen to be a little over an hour from the largest sand dunes in North America!

I love this place. It’s so hard to get the scope of just how big it is with pictures.  Here the kids RUN up a dune.

I love the views you can see from above.

What goes up…

has fun going down…

The winds that are common are one of the reasons the dunes are there in the first place. But blowing sand can be annoying.

Anabelle came prepared – nothing was going to ruin her enjoyment of the dunes!

I love bringing more than one camera.  This picture of Kat was taken with a very old camera but I love seeing the kids’ perspectives!

Amazing what vegetation can grow in the desert.

The foot cracks me up.

Turns out playing with a stunt kite on the dunes is a lot of fun!

Gone a little over 5 hours and came back feeling like we had an awesome vacation.

Enjoy a mini-vacation today!