National Pomegranate Month

Last year, we figured out how to open a pomegranate and it was magical. So now, once a year (because those things are so expensive!) we buy one pomegranate and it is STILL magical. So, before November ends, go celebrate National Pomegranate Month. There’s a coupon for one here !

This year we found a new resource reminding us how to properly eat them. It’s highly entertaining! As you watch, I recommend you give each child a section so they can do it themselves. It’s quite fun.

And last year’s experience for us:


We did it. And you would’ve thought it was a science experiment.

Everyone was fascinated. Anabelle thought it was cool that the seed casing looked like honeycombs, and each child wanted a turn to harvest the arils.

We all ate handfuls, and even sprinkled them on our yogurt. Yum.

As usual, conversation around the table ends in giggles.

Tip: Learn about the pomegranate before eating it. For instance, if you have diverticulitis don’t partake. But most importantly, and most relevant, read about how India considers this fruit the perfect way to cleanse your system out. Wish we knew that before everyone ate handfuls.

It was a loud night. If you catch my drift…

Nearing the End of Our Goal – A What I’ve Learned Moment

Last January, we made one of those audacious goals to read the Bible chronologically in a year – as a family!  I even made a category on the blog called family bible questions, assuming that the kiddos would have tons!

I’ll tell you a secret – I never thought we’d get this far.

Sure, I had the idea and really, really wanted to do it.  I knew there would never be another time in our lives where it’d be feasible schedule-wise.  But honestly — nope, never thought we’d get this far.  The funny thing is, that I had to talk hubby into it.  He immediately recognized the ginormous commitment and said he’d need to think about it… for weeks.  And it wasn’t until January 1st that he said, “Sure. We’ll try it.”

I was gung ho!  But who kept it going on the crazy  nights?  Hubby, that’s who.

So, if you decide to ever go for this family goal, I HIGHLY recommend both spouses be on board.  Because like other audacious goals, you need some accountability to make it work.

Back to my point — reading the Bible chronologically rocks.. ESPECIALLY when you hit the New Testament.  The gospels took on a whole new meaning not just for the kiddos, but for Mike & I.

I lost track of how many times something in the gospels would hit me square between the eyes BECAUSE of how we read it chronologically.  I’d look up and find Mike looking at me with the same expression.  And we’ve read these same gospels dozens of times before.

The coolest parts are seeing the kids faces, the recognition when their eyebrows raise in understanding each time Jesus fulfilled old testament prophecies or when Stephen or Paul remind people of what happened in Israel’s history.  They get it.  We don’t have to stop and explain what they’re talking about.

I’m sure there will be more questions as we get further into the New Testament, but the ones that have been raised have happened between child and parent in quiet moments. They were precious conversations that I’ll hold close to my heart.

So if you’re at all considering a goal like this for next year, I can’t recommend it enough!


DIY Green Onions: Re-use green onions/ science experiment with kids!)

I like to mix up some green onions, Gulden’s mustard, and mayo with the leftover turkey/chicken for yummy sandwich fixings after Thanksgiving.  So as I was chopping the green onions, I remembered a tip my friend Wendy taught me:  Make your green onions last a long time by chopping them and putting them in water (or into a pot of dirt).

I like to put them in the water as the kids can watch how fast the roots and the green onions grow!  Plus, it’s easy to pull out what you need again and chop, chop, chop!

So… chop off the green onion…

Then put the roots in water.  My friend used a shot glass for her small amount of green onions.  Since I had a bunch of green onions, I used a small jar.  Then watch because in just a few days…

Bam! Your kids are amazed.

Updated Tip: Make sure you change the water daily! And after the first time of watching it grow again and using it, I’d suggest planting it in dirt to let it fully regrow the third time. A great science lesson for kids!

Back to Reality

We’ve had a blast this week.  Mike & the children had the entire week off.  We had an amazing stay-cation full of bowling, ice-skating, friends over, etc.  It’s hard to go back to reality sometimes.  So to help the transition, we had bacon day this morning!  And I stole a few pieces to make some yummy breakfasts for the week.  Here’s a recipe we developed to have yummy eggs ready to go during the week:

First spray the tin… I sprayed a little too much. ( ;

Then mix up:

9 eggs

3/4 c. milk

1/2c. grated cheese (we like colby jack)

3 bacon strips, chopped into bits OR 4 oz. cooked sausage

Split it up into the muffin cups and bake at 375 for 20 minutes.

After some people steal some for breakfast, put the rest in the fridge.  To reheat in the mornings, throw in the microwave for 30-45 seconds and smash on top of a piece of toast. At least breakfast is taken care of as we go back to reality.

Here’s a Printable Recipe.