Auto Correct Prank

Does your spouse or coworker or friend use a word processing software often?  If so, I have a super easy prank to teach you.  In honor of April Fool’s Day, I’ve made my first (I’m still learning) screencast to teach you how!

Can’t see the video?  Try here.

Monster Truck Birthday Party

Spring Break is the perfect time to reflect and plan.  Sam’s birthday is coming up so we’re reflecting on past birthdays.

Four years ago, it was a Monster Truck Birthday Party Bash! Sam got the party in gear by helping with the decorations.

Sam enjoyed the tires out front. “I should be in the news! Because I’m IN a tire!”

Pin the Plate on the Monster Truck was a fave.

As long as you have  toy monster truck, the cake is super duper simple!

Here is one of the presents that Sam received.

Another boy, Cris, got real excited at the present, and turned to the boy who gave it. “WOW!” Cris said. “That’s what I’ve always wanted!” Cris gave the boy a nod and said, “You’re invited to my party!”

Boredom Has Its Benefits

We’ve had a pretty full spring break, but during the down times, boredom sneaks in quickly.

“Mom,” the youngest mused, “I feel like pretending to be a butler.”


This is such an awesome spring break!

Mom-to-Mom Advice

Because You Won't Find Pics of Me Running

When you overhear your children talking in the other room:

“That wasn’t your smartest moment.”

“No, but it might’ve been my funniest.”

My suggestion is to run, not walk, to see what’s going on.

That is all.  We now return to our regularly scheduled spring break.