Never Too Young or Old

Yesterday I fell asleep at the computer, typing.  Why?  I was exhausted.  I spent the first half of the day with preschoolers.  I was reminded that Preschool is one of my favorite stages of childhood. Their imagination, their passion, their energy! (Clearly I was sorely reminded of my lack of energy.)

Within the few hours, I mediated through disagreements.  “He took some of my cars!”  “The whole bucket of cars is for everyone to share.” “NO! They’re all mine!”

Then there were some precious moments where a preschool boy, without being asked, brought over a small step stool so a girl could reach the water.

As I watched him, I realized that serving seemed to be a natural mindset.  He served others all day long. . . but the thing is, it’s not natural, is it?

Each morning, I fight this temptation to not help or engage with my children (it is so early!). I just want to drink my coffee and let them fend for themselves.  That is what’s natural.  But when everyone in my family does what’s natural, my house becomes a place of bickering, snide remarks and passive aggressive behavior.   And when life gets busy, it’s most easy to do what comes natural.

Which doesn’t make an ideal setting for Creative Family Moments to happen. ( ;

Kristen Summers is my blogging friend over at Celebrate Every Day with Me.  We have similar visions and goals for our family life, so she let me pre-read her new ebook, “Teach Me to Serve: 99 Ways Preschoolers Can Learn to Serve and Bless Others.”

Great timing!  I don’t have preschoolers in my house so I wasn’t expecting to find anything that pertained to me personally.  Um, Wrong!  Those 99 ways to serve and bless others start off with a shift in thinking.  A shift that was very timely in this busy stage of life.  Then Kristen gradually starts with serving tasks around the home.  Easy enough.  Then she moves outside of the home and little-by-little your child (and you!) will develop a new worldview of looking at people with compassionate eyes.

I found unique activities (that I never would’ve thought of) in the grocery store, in the neighborhood, and on trips that I will be having my teenagers & elementary children do.  But obviously it will work with preschoolers as well – because Kristen tapped into the mind of a preschooler and used their flair for imagination and the dramatic as assets in the assigned tasks.

So, since she’s my blogging buddy, she told me you guys can get her ebook (currently at 3.99) for 30 percent off for the next two days.  Just enter creativefamily30 at the checkout.  Or, if you prefer shopping at Amazon (sorry no discount there), it’s available here.

I’m glad for the reminder that you’re never too young or old to serve and bless others.  And that’s a perfect reminder since September is National Courtesy Month!

Kids and Moving


A little boy is moving.  He tells a classmate, a little girl, the moving date.  “That’s sad,” she says.  “I’ll miss you.”

He smiles.  “When I grow up, before I get married, I’ll search the world for you.”

“NO!” she shouts.  “Just google me!”

“Yeah,” he says.  “I’ll search Google Earth for you!”

If I ever needed proof that my kids are growing up in a digital age, I think I have it.


I Dare You to Speed

I would never encourage speeding.   That’s why this activity was so fun.

You know those portable “check your speed” units?  They put one up in the middle of our subdivision.  Where you really shouldn’t be going over 20 mph (if that).  So if you’re a fan of the show The Middle you might remember the episode where Axl and his friends try to go as fast as they can and see whose numbers were the fastest.  It made for a hilarious scene.

Turns out it makes for some awesome family fun too.  If you see one, I highly recommend running as fast as you can and seeing what number you get.  It’s even more fun when someone sees you and  busts a gut.  It’s even, even more fun when you finish your family walk and come back to find the rest of the neighborhood (dads and kids) following your example (and seeing that they can’t beat your husband’s high speed).

Yes, in this instance speeding is good ole fashioned family fun.

Kids, Cameras, and Dogs

This is what happens when you tell your children that you are going to enjoy coffee with their father and want to be undisturbed.  You come back to your computer and find that some pictures have been taken, some editing has happened, and this is your new desktop:

I think I’ll have coffee with hubby more often. ( :