Super Last Minute Decorations & Carvings

If you don’t have any pumpkins around, but have a few large zucchini still sitting in the garden, here’s a super fast decoration (and a great use for inedible gigantic zucchini):

If I have time, I’d love to paint a round pumpkin into Bob.

Hubby found that you could actually carve zucchini!  And while my youngest still likes to make happy, sweet looking jack o’ lanterns, my son has taken to a bit more dramatic lanterns:

Happy Trick or Treating!


Frankenstein Friday (and a super easy costume)

Did you know that today is Frankenstein Friday?  You’re supposed to celebrate by reading the story or watching the movie, but uh… no.  Instead, we have a Friday Flashback on a costume you can make from a empty gallon of milk  (or an empty distilled water jug – less clean up!)

This costume sells, even without face paint!

Because if your little kiddo is like mine used to be (picture from 5 years ago), then that face paint doesn’t stand a chance of staying on all night.

Instead, save the green for the socks!  We were thankful to have an old pair of shoes that he had just grown out of that we could cut apart.  In my experience, boys go through shoes FAST!

And this super fast last-minute costume was a success in the candy department!  A pretty great Friday Frankenstein Friday Flashback (say that three times fast).

Here’s a full tutorial if you want to get a Frankestein Friday costume for this weekend’s trunk or treat events: Frank’s Monster

Super Fast Crazy Hair

It was crazy hair day at school again.  In the past, we’ve had some really creative crazy hair. So I anticipated a mad rush for a comb and some random accessories yesterday morning.  Instead, my son let me know he had it handled.

He grabbed some black felt, and some yellow self-adhesive foam (inexpensive at craft stores), and cut out a mustache!

Facial hair – an element of crazy hair day that I’ve previously never thought of! Oh, the possibilities… So if you’re looking for a fast and easy solution to crazy hair day, this might be it but be warned… my son learned that you will now be known as “Mustache Man.”  We’re working on the super hero outfit to complement the name.

In other news, I’m trying not to be too suspicious, but I sometimes hear odd noises in the house.  And when I walk downstairs, I sometimes find our dog in the living room…

Her paw was on the power button and then she seemed to do a move that says to me, “You didn’t see anything. . . ”

Whadya think? Should I be worried my dog is getting addicted to daytime television? Or do I need to get out more?  Hmmm….

Origami Avengers

I’ve talked about Origami Yoda before, but now my children have figured out how to make origami anything.  Once you know the basic design, my children tell me it’s easy.  Right now, my house is ruled by Origami Avengers, but instead of schawarma they want Rice Krispies™ bars.  Especially Hulk and Agent Fury.  They can’t get enough of the stuff.

But maybe that’s because they also work as finger puppets.  Hmmm.

Sam also decided to be Origami Yoda for trick or treat. After he started work on it, he found out that there is actually an Origami Yoda costume contest!

He’s still hard at work on his costume.  If you decide to join in the fun, here’s a tip we’ve discovered during engineering:  Remember that you are not flat like Origami.  That is all. May the folds be with you.