That Time of Year Again

You know it’s cold and flu season when the candy jar is filled with cough drops.  Even worse when family members say, “Good idea!”


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving being thankful for all you had, and then a wonderful Black Friday trying to get stuff you don’t have. ( ;

Besides the coughing and sniffing, we had a wonderful time eating and hanging out and decorating.

And from what I sense will be the first and last (no sleep!) annual tradition of sleeping by the Christmas tree, I attempted to take a picture of the kiddos in their sleeping bags basking in the glow of the tree only to find out that my kids deem pictures in their pajamas to be off limits – “We require 36 hours notice for those kind of pics,” my daughter said.  Sniff sniff.  They make me proud, I’ve taught them so well.

Do we have gifts under the tree?  Uh no.  As the kids’ friends who drop by always find out, they’re empty.  I put empty bags underneath until we have real gifts.  Why?  Because it always reminds me of this moment years ago … fast forward to the last 20 seconds if you’re short on time.
And, apologies on the quality… it was taken years before HD and good internet speed.

Break Bits

Thanksgiving break is already going fast.  And with my children growing up way too fast (come on, you have to say that at least once during the holiday season, even if it’s to your own children), I find my camera, kitchen, and craft cabinet often occupied by the kiddos…and their friends.

But this morning was a blissful morning where we got up with the sun.   Days that I get to sleep-in are perhaps the only days that I’m thankful the sun doesn’t make its ascent until almost 8 a.m.

So we ate breakfast as a family before heading our separate directions.  And dear daughter was desperate to get a little tube time.  With a crazy teen schedule, she doesn’t spend much if any time loafing.  So she turned on the hulu (we don’t have cable) and pulled up an episode of Cupcake Wars.  Have you seen this show?  I know we are way behind the times but it was my first glimpse at the show.

It brought about several emotional responses among the kids:

a: “OH! I just want to make cake now!  But I also want to loaf. I’m totally adding cake-making to my holiday break to-do list!”

b: “OH!  This just makes me so hungry!  I know we just ate breakfast but Mom can we puh-lease have some chocolate for a snack now? Please????”  (the answer was “uh. no.”)

c:  yawn.  “This show would be so much better if they stopped with all the drama about eliminating someone and instead just shot them with frosting bullets.”

Can you guess who said what? ( :


The Way of the Kid

Today marks the beginning of Thanksgiving break for my kiddos. They have a yearly tradition this time of year.  They start praying for this:

It’s not just snow, that they pray for, but a large quantity of the stuff:

So, in hopes of balancing things out, my husband and I pray fervently for sun, sun, and more sun. And then we get into a big family discussion at the table; each side trying to convince the other side to join their prayers.

My youngest tries to describe it to me:

“You see, Mom, it’s been a long time since you’ve known the way of the kid. . . ”

My son bursts out laughing, pointing at me, “Oh, you’ve been burned!”

Then I narrow my eyes and say softly, “Too far.”

And suddenly they want to say what they’re thankful for.

It’s good to have traditions.  What are your Thanksgiving traditions?



The Santa Game

For those of you with lined detachable fur rims on the hoods of your coats, we have a game for you!

My daughter discovered this when someone attempted to play a prank by pulling the fur right off her hood.  Instead, only 3 snaps popped and my quick thinking daughter said, “Ho Ho Ho!” resulting in her classmates developing a fit of giggles.

But then they discovered it was a fun twist on tag.  The one with the fur down is Santa who tries to gather all his reindeer! Bonus points if you can call them by name.  A perfect winter backyard game. With dwindling daylight hours, my daughter gets major mom points for coming up with a way to get all her energy out before coming inside.

This game might have been, in part, inspired by us renting Arthur Christmas.  Have you seen it?  We loved it!  I won’t mind seeing it again closer to Christmas. Until then, happy reindeer catching!