Angry Birds Party . . . and the Aftermath

Thanks to the templates at The Party Animal Blog so much of our Angry Birds party looked awesome. Yet, I once again realized something very true about myself – I’m a girl. A girly girl who doesn’t particularly like loud and crazy. So 8 boys in my house for 3 hours means that I was . . . → Read More: Angry Birds Party . . . and the Aftermath

Angry Bird Party Prep

My hands are covered in glue. I HATE that feeling and it hits me. “Ugh! I’m pretty sure I said I was never making a pinata again a couple years ago. I can’t believe I forgot that.”

Hubby nods. “I thought I remembered something like that.”

“What? Why didn’t you say anything?”

He just smiles. . . . → Read More: Angry Bird Party Prep

Superhero Birthday Party

We’re counting down the days until Sam’s birthday (19 days left), and as a result, reflecting on birthdays of the past before he decides on a theme.

So we’re going back 5 years this time to a superhero party!

Sam and I made the cake last night. He frosted it, then we needed to . . . → Read More: Superhero Birthday Party

Monster Truck Birthday Party

Spring Break is the perfect time to reflect and plan. Sam’s birthday is coming up so we’re reflecting on past birthdays.

Four years ago, it was a Monster Truck Birthday Party Bash! Sam got the party in gear by helping with the decorations.

Sam enjoyed the tires out front. “I . . . → Read More: Monster Truck Birthday Party