Photo Credit: Zac Peckler

Many of you know that our family is reading through the Bible chronologically this year. We’re ALMOST out of the Old Testament (Hurray!). I’m actually surprised we’ve gotten this far, but ecstatic. Anyway, when you read Daniel and a lot of the later books you get all these visions . . . → Read More: Sapphires

Family Bible Reading

Since we’re half way thru the year, I feel I might be qualified to offer some tips should you try the same journey with your family.So here you go -

Tip#1:  Do not start reading Ecclesiastes as a family after having one of the best days of summer thus far.

With each book of . . . → Read More: Family Bible Reading


The beginning of the week.  I usually enjoy Monday but the temperature took a nasty dive last night and I just want to crawl back in bed. Brrr.

A few non-related items:

The Princess Leia hair was a big hit with my daughter.  There’s a secret to the bun that surprised me – a . . . → Read More: Monday

The Sabbath Experiment

I realized why prep time is needed for the Sabbath!

Saturday, amidst the normal events of the day, the kids and I cleaned and cooked and prepared all the meals for Sunday.  By sunset, the house looked spotless and the fridge was stuffed with yummy food.

We sat down to a feast at dinner. . . . → Read More: The Sabbath Experiment