Cabin Fever Cure

Does your crew own Nerf gun(s)?  If so, keep reading.

Step 1. Let the kids develop their “targets” using toys they already have or–my personal favorite–make LEGO targets. The making of said targets kept my crew busy for half an hour. They had a blast.

Step 2. You’re going to have to make the . . . → Read More: Cabin Fever Cure

DIY Blackout Curtains

This fall, I let the kiddos pick out their fabric for curtains. The flames above are my son’s. The problem?  In the Northwest, summer sunlight blazes through the darkest of curtains approximately 20 hours a day. I’m only slightly exaggerating.

I blame myself for reading all those Sandra Boynton books to my kids when . . . → Read More: DIY Blackout Curtains

Welcome to Summer

Need some ideas to put on your summer list?  My kids are willing to share their list:

Ode to Home-Ec (plus recipe)

When my son came home and told me he started his home-ec quarter, I was surprised.  I had no idea they did that anymore.  My daughter missed out because we lived somewhere else during this grade.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” he answered.

I think I know the answer . . . → Read More: Ode to Home-Ec (plus recipe)