Salt Water Taffy Gone Wrong

One of my husband’s favorite childhood memories comes from a taffy pull.  Having never experienced this myself, I thought this would be the perfect ending to a spring break week.

So we looked at several salt water taffy recipes and they all seemed relatively straight forward.  Essentially sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring.  We . . . → Read More: Salt Water Taffy Gone Wrong

Art Time

Using only pastels, my youngest colored this for me.  Ah, perfect timing too.  It still feels and looks like winter outside, but my inner clock is ready for spring and flowers!  She said the secret to her drawing is to outline everything in black to make it pop.  It makes me want to . . . → Read More: Art Time

Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a cure for cabin fever?  I found a sneaky way to get the kids to declutter:  Gather any useless fast food toys or broken toys for a glow-in-dark scavenger hunt.

We found a cheap pack of glow in the dark paints at Target during the Halloween season, but I’ve noticed a lot . . . → Read More: Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt

Bad Dancing

Recently in the newspaper I found that a big club was charging money and giving out prizes for a Bad Dancing contest. And what an easy thing to do for a family fun night (or better yet when you have guests over)!

The secret to the fun is that each participant isn’t allowed to . . . → Read More: Bad Dancing