Welcome to Summer

Need some ideas to put on your summer list? My kids are willing to share their list:



I’m a big believer in handing off the camera to kiddos. Kids take pictures at angles you might never have thought of – at least I never did.

Things you see every day suddenly look very cool with a different perspective,

in a different light.

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Art Time

Using only pastels, my youngest colored this for me. Ah, perfect timing too. It still feels and looks like winter outside, but my inner clock is ready for spring and flowers! She said the secret to her drawing is to outline everything in black to make it pop. It makes me want to pick . . . → Read More: Art Time

Future Bloggers of America

The youngest took to telling secrets with Bananagrams and Scrabble tiles. Too bad she forgot to clean them up. I hope she maintains this form of secret-telling for quite some time. ( ;

Today we’re flashing back to Valentine’s Day again as my eldest daughter would like to guest post:

Hey everyone! Kat here. . . . → Read More: Future Bloggers of America