Spinach Celebration

One week of summer passed and I’m pleased to cross off one “Mom Summer Goal” from my list. I wanted to increase my kiddos consumption of veggies, and vowed to make a spinach smoothie that my family would like… or at least tolerate.


After a few so-so trials, I found one they like! . . . → Read More: Spinach Celebration

Unique School Lunches

My kids love the sack lunch. They don’t love the same lunch week after week. And I don’t love being in the kitchen which means . . . they have to come up with their own ideas. The first couple of weeks, my son decided the most efficient means of making his lunch was to . . . → Read More: Unique School Lunches

Taking Over the World

We’re dog sitting all this week. The biggest difference we’ve noticed? We now have 2 dogs staring at us opposed to just one.

“I think I know what they’re thinking,” Anabelle said. “They wish they could take over the world!”

We imagined what the world would be like if they did take over the world, . . . → Read More: Taking Over the World

How to Make Ice Cream on a Trampoline

It was a hot summer day and we didn’t have any ice cream in the house. We did, however, have a carton of half & half. Have you ever heard of ice cream in a bag?

The concept is simple. In a gallon size ziptop bag, you fill it half full with ice and 1/2c. . . . → Read More: How to Make Ice Cream on a Trampoline