Pencil Magic

There are some days when the kiddos come home and show what they did in school, that I wish I could’ve been there. To participate and maybe gain the newfound skill that my child is now demonstrating. Today was one of those days, as my daughter showed me something she did with a pencil . . . → Read More: Pencil Magic

101 Kid Bad Luck Signs

“Mom, there should be a book called 101 Kid Bad Luck Signs to prepare kids everywhere.   The first one would be when a teacher calls a kid out into the hallway.”  She gave me a knowing look. “That’s NEVER good.”

Serious Conversations

I let the kids listen to a Christian comedian that we love. Sure, I hadn’t heard the entire thing yet, but we’d watched his previous comedy so I didn’t give it a second thought.

I’m in the other room which has the magical property of making the kids think I’m not in listening range. . . . → Read More: Serious Conversations

And the Award for Most Original and Biggest Costume…

goes to…

Origami Yoda.

I lost count of how many adults asked, “And what are you supposed to be?”

Then they laughed as if they understood but their eyes clearly said they didn’t. A few adults didn’t even ask they just said, “That’s the biggest and most creative homemade costume of the night by . . . → Read More: And the Award for Most Original and Biggest Costume…