Never Too Young or Old

Yesterday I fell asleep at the computer, typing. Why? I was exhausted. I spent the first half of the day with preschoolers. I was reminded that Preschool is one of my favorite stages of childhood. Their imagination, their passion, their energy! (Clearly I was sorely reminded of my lack of energy.)

Within the few hours, . . . → Read More: Never Too Young or Old

The Chaperone

The book follows Cora, a Kansas housewife with grown kids, as she agrees to chaperone Louise Brooks in the 1920s to New York. At the time of this historical fiction novel, Louise Brooks is fifteen years old, but we know from the abrupt flashes of the future within the novel (unless you already knew . . . → Read More: The Chaperone

Lost and Found

“Budgets, like diets, don’t work. The fourth law of the universe is that for every budget and every diet, there is an equal and opposite binge.” -Geneen Roth

I read that and frowned. As a voracious reader of budgeting books and blogs, I firmly believe in living simply . . . → Read More: Lost and Found