Cupstacking and Puffles

*Note from Heather:  This is a guest post from my daughter, Anabelle. She’s been wanting to tell you about the hours of fun that can be had with a package of cups and a package of pom-poms from the dollar store. (Googly eyes optional)

A few days ago, I decided to build something I call, The Puffle (Pom pom)Fortress!

Well,I hope you’re all wondering what that is. It’s a HUMONGOUS tower of paper cups.  I’ve got a few pictures below, but I’m going to finish this post first.

So,a few weeks earlier, in P.E., the gym was crowded because it was picture day.  My whole class,including me, was wondering what we were going to do for P.E.Then we wandered into a random kindergarten room.

By the way,I’m in 2nd grade.

We were all really,really,confused. But,the P.E. teacher told us to sit down anyway. Then she started the lesson. And guess what it was about?  CUPSTACKING!!!!!

Okay,going forward!  After my brother’s Angry Bird themed b-day party,my mom bought a stack of paper cups and a bag of pom poms.   Then,I got an idea.   So,I got to work.  And do you know what I did?  I built the biggest, (but not the best) stack of paper cups anyone has ever seen!  I hope.  After that,I added the final touch.  POM POMS!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, in the pictures, some of them have googly eyes. And if you have any questions, I bet this is the answer:

Photo by Anabelle
Photo by Anabelle

*Note from Mom: All kids have taken turns playing with these. Although, they all play differently – for Sam, it’s setting up Angry Birds levels and trying to smash the green pom-poms by bouncing the ‘bird’ pom-poms like Make & Takes did.  It’s provided a week’s worth (and counting) of super frugal fun.

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  1. How fun! I used to collect pom pom pets when I was little. We got them at a local flea market when we paid to go in. They called them “fleas”. Glad you had a fun time together, that is so important.

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