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I knew my husband was excited about building a man-cave, of sorts, in the garage. . .
however, when he started building bunk beds I thought it might be going too far.

Actually, we are enjoying making the house our home after renting for quite some time. Building shelves, as seen above, and raised garden beds, but when making your house yours it seems to take forever!

The little things, though, make it seem more like home instantly…

Since having a dog we have never been in a house that had a tree or a squirrel. Enter our first squirrel.

Sugar discovered her squirrel instinct (think of the movie, “Up”), and has been on guard duty for hours! The kids joined her in guard duty.

And discovered, when they stepped into our dog’s shoes, that the squirrel was chattering at them all!

Yep, we’re definitely home.




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