Napping, Panicking, and Ash Wednesday

I’ve been waiting for this day. There’s so much to celebrate!

Today is Panic Day.  A day where you run around and tell everyone you can’t take it anymore.  We do this every morning before school so this isn’t new for us.  But, if it is to you, try it because then you can celebrate…

National Napping Day.  I wish this came on a Saturday or a Sunday, but alas I’ll just reflect on napping.

If you can though, snuggle up with your little one or a good book and take a short nap today.

Today is also Ash Wednesday.  Preparation time for Easter!  The churches we’ve attended have never made much of a focus on this particular day so I think it’ll be interesting to discuss as a family.

Apparently, they used to take the previous year’s palm branches from Palm Sunday and burn them, then take the ashes and put them on foreheads in the shape of a cross.  If you’re interested in reading more, this covers the basics.

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