National Carry A Tune Week

This photograph from last Christmas cracks me up.  I won Sponge Bob things. So she got the Sponge Bob mp3 player.  We offered her all sorts of headphones, but she disliked them all.

Until she found her dad’s studio set.

Songs are powerful things.

A man named Roger Lee Hall wanted people to choose songs that would help them remember victims of 9/11.  Since that time, National Carry A Tune Week has evolved and the goal is to pick approximately 10 tunes that have special meaning and ‘carry’ them with you throughout the week.

I’m curious to know if my children already have songs that have special meaning to them. I hope that my husband and I can choose some favorite songs that have sentimental value to play for them.  It’s also a chance to evaluate why a song becomes sentimental—was it simply right place at the right time or the words or the mood the song evokes…

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  1. Thanks for mentioning Tune Week. I hope you and your friends will send in your favorites by Oct. 12. If you include some comments about your tune picks you might win a Free CD. Keep tuned in!

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