National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Who doesn’t like Chocolate Chip Cookies?But  how do you celebrate on a 90 degree day?

Cause there is no way I’m going to crank the oven. I really craved the store bought roll of cookie dough.

So, I experimented with egg-less chocolate chip cookies here at home.  After looking at a list of egg replacements , here’s the No Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies that I tried.

Basically use your fave chocolate chip recipe and take out the eggs.  I personally recommend using HOT water and some oil instead of an egg in order to help take away the grainy texture of the dough.

I rolled it up in some clear wrap, and froze it for at least half an hour before it got found out. Then, somehow without my knowledge someone must’ve yelled,”SWARM!” before I appeared and put it back away.

And now, everyone is sad because I said they’d had enough.

Be prepared. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day puts you on an emotional roller coaster.

I’m exhausted. Good night.  (See, that’s what you say. And then after everyone has gone to bed, you sneak back down because nothing goes better with chocolate chip cookies than milk and a dark house.)

Oh man!  I just realized we could’ve had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream instead!  Now THAT would’ve been perfect on a 90 degree day.  There’s always next year..

4 thoughts on “National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day”

  1. “Let’s pretend this looks fancy…” Love it! Also love a cookie recipe that doesn’t require using the oven to heat up the house. Thanksgiving and Christmas are sooooo hot here, I can hardly contemplate using the oven. It’s nice to have some alternatives!

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