Nice Forks

For today’s Friday flashback, I zoom back to October 2007, and a favorite (still favorite) dinner game we play on those chilly fall nights where you can sit around the table a little longer:

We’ve been playing a game at dinner every night. It’s called: Mad, Sad, Glad.
Each member mentions an incident of their day that made them mad, sad, and glad.

The kids LOVE it. And it’s been a great way to get an inside look at their days and what makes them tick.

Anyway, Anabelle is slowly catching on. But a lot of the times her stories are fictional: “I was mad when my grandma broke the window and accidentally made my eyeball fall out.” or “I was glad when I learned how to fly on Sugar’s back.”

So, during “glad” this time she started making her fork dance and sing.  Except, that’s not allowed.

“Put the fork down,” I said, as the fork narrowly missed scratching my arm, “I don’t want it scratching anyone.”

“Oh, he would never do that!” she insisted. “He’s a NICE fork.”

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