Super Last Minute Decorations & Carvings

If you don’t have any pumpkins around, but have a few large zucchini still sitting in the garden, here’s a super fast decoration (and a great use for inedible gigantic zucchini):

If I have time, I’d love to paint a round pumpkin into Bob.

Hubby found that you could actually carve zucchini!  And while my youngest still likes to make happy, sweet looking jack o’ lanterns, my son has taken to a bit more dramatic lanterns:

Happy Trick or Treating!


2 thoughts on “Super Last Minute Decorations & Carvings”

  1. HaHa!! I love your pumpkins! And Zucchini! You guys are so clever! You need to check out Saxton Freymann. He’s an awesome food carver. I think you would like his books!

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