Big Lips

On Sam’s birthday he pulled out our family bin full of memories and stories. I was reminded of this friday flashback:

I picked up Anabelle and she said a little girl accidentally let a Barbie fly and it hit her near the eye.

“Did it hurt?” I asked.

She nodded dramatically.

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Dog Spanish

More encouragement to write down the funny/cute things your kiddos say along the way.

Today’s Friday Flashback is from 4 years ago:

Anabelle patted Mike’s knee. Mike raised an eyebrow. Anabelle sighed, exasperated. “This,” she said, still patting his knee, “means ‘come play with me’ in dog-Spanish.”

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Quote of the Day

Do you write down things your children say that make you smile? I found one that I wrote down from 2008 that made me smile.

Anabelle’s Prayer:

“Dear God, thank you for the food. And um, I’m wearing a pink dress and ballet shoes and I think you would like it and think I . . . → Read More: Quote of the Day

Busy School Night Quote

Overheard at bedtime: “Oh no! I forgot to take a bath!” A lengthy pause. “Ah well, I’ll just take TWO tomorrow!”