The Best Magnets EVER!

Well, I think they’re the best… certainly the most unique.  I loved last year’s tea bags idea so much, I’ve been brainstorming different things to do with the concept so I could use it for the 5th grade art class!  So first diy magnets, then tomorrow diy bookmarks complete with diy tassels!

Okay.  First step is to tell your kiddos to act like they’re climbing a wall or flying.  They love this.  Print out the pics on printer or professionally.

Next for the funniest part:

Don’t they look so cute & funny?  I glue them onto a backing like a manilla folder or index cards to make them more sturdy.  But this is an optional step.  It’s kind of funny to play a bit with them like dolls first.  In fact, you could turn them into paper dolls, but that’s another post…

This step is also completely OPTIONAL, but as we were doing this with 27 students, I opted for a little spill/mess protection.

Hee hee… kiddos love doing this (I do too!).

I just cut out those free dental/realtor/pestcontrol magnets that come in the mail into strips.

And voila!  Now my freebie cut-up magnet strips won’t hold up much, but that’s not the point.  They make me smile, and they make the kids laugh.

Come back tomorrow!  I’ll show you how to make fancy bookmarks with tassels – the kids look like they’re repelling down the rope – a huge hit in the classroom!



16 thoughts on “The Best Magnets EVER!”

  1. One of my friends sent me to this site (I work with kids) and I’m so excited to try these ideas! What a terrific and fun project… what I really love is that both the younger and older kids will be able to do it and produce a finished product that everyone will love.

    1. I hope they all do! I’ve done it with kindergarten through 8th graders. So far, all good times – hope your crew all enjoy it!

  2. Love these! I am always looking for cool holiday gift ideas. I may turn these into ornaments using your book mark idea! Thx!

  3. Cute idea!! Have you ever tried magnet sheets? You can print your pix directly onto tthem & then over with the contact paper.

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