What I’ve Learned—Weeks 4 & 5

My children are digital natives.  If I wasn’t sure of this before a big car trip, I am now.  Hubby and I were each given an iPod Touch. I figured out that we could ‘Home Share’ the home videos and YouTube videos I’ve collected over time for the kids to enjoy on the trip.

Except that, being curious as they are, they wanted to check out the other applications on the iPod.  I don’t know how he did it, but Sam, somehow reprogrammed a function on one application to only respond to a spoken phrase.

I should’ve known something was up when I saw him with the iPod microphone and kept hearing him whisper, over and over, “Who Farted?”

Turns out that’s the reprogrammed phrase for the Harry Potter Application to work!

Anabelle discovered features my husband didn’t know existed!

I fully expect to one day be driving down the road and hear her say, “Look at that!  I just reprogrammed the government satellites!  Did you know it could do that?”

I also learned that my imagination and intentions can get a little carried away at times in regards to the project.  I need to keep it simple and allow the kids to add their flair to it all.

On Face Your Fears Day, I asked the kids to name their fears.  Without a second’s pause, Anabelle burst out:  “MISTLETOE!!”

My son joined in. “Totally! That’s mine too!  I don’t need girls kissing me!”

They giggled they laughed, and without prompting started into a discussion on deeper fears. The conversation is too special to post, but those moments were exactly what I hoped for when starting this.  Learning more about who my children are, allowing them to know more who their parents are and what we believe and why.

Of course we also had a great time using popcorn, candy, and raisins to spell out our fears (before chomping them up).

I also discovered that come the weekend, I’m much less tolerant to all the weird noises and obnoxious behavior my children (all children) gravitate towards.  And, when on a nine hour car trip, when I hear a child sniffing ever 2.4 seconds, I look a bit like this at each rest stop:

Yes, not a pretty sight.

The kids got to spend time with their grandparents and Uncle J this weekend at the Oregon Coast.  Despite the rain and high winds, we managed to get some amazing sightseeing and play done. The awesome music you hear has not even been released yet to the general public, but just because I love you, hear you go:

I love that driving through Oregon I saw the desert, the mountains, some rainforest, and the ocean.  God didn’t have to make the earth so pleasing to the senses, but he did… and seeing the massive ocean waves once again made me feel silly that I have a hard time trusting Him with the little things.

And I learned that playing Honey, Will You Please Smile? with the kids is a hilarious bunch of fun!

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