What I Learned –Week 8

I learned…

that when my family is asked to do a silly picture, most of them express their silliness through their eyes.
Photo By Katarina

That when the alarm goes off at the wrong time, I growl.

That when my computer slows down to a snail’s pace, I growl.

That the dog likes to come check on me when I growl.  I kind of like that.  The kids don’t check up on me. Probably wise.

Yet, if I say, “Ew, gross.” at any time of day or night, loudly or barely a whisper, they come running with eager expressions.  “What’s Gross?!?”

I find that mildly disturbing.

That when you’re in a public place and there is an open padlock on the ground (without a key), and lots of kids around, that you should watch your possessions very closely.

This didn’t happen to me personally. But I laughed extremely hard near the person it did happen to.

And I took the lesson to heart.

That I have awesome friends.  I knew that, but I’m reminded weekly.  And thankfully, my friends are good enough sports that when they visit, they join in with the rest of the family in our goofy activities.

That the newspaper is evil.  Just kidding. But I seriously had not considered it the holiday season yet.  But when the newspaper was filled with Holiday Toy Catalogs, suddenly my kids already have their Christmas lists.  Sam’s is 7 pages long; Anabelle’s is 3.

I’m not kidding.

That we might have to have the whole conversation about what Christmas means, etc. annually.

They assured me that they were only dreaming and weren’t really hoping for all that.  I guess we all do that to some extent…. just maybe not on paper.

That I never know what’s going to happen each day.

When I was flipping through the Sunday coupons, I longingly looked at the roses displayed on the page. No one was in the room.

The next day… someone just ‘felt’ like getting me flowers.

That I’ve become so frugal that I can’t help but wonder if he got a better deal than the roses I saw on sale.

That he got the best deal in town.

That I find frugality attractive.

And finally, that it is, in fact, already the holidays.

Our family has a turkey to decorate tonight for Anabelle’s class project.  We’re allowed to decorate with ANYTHING we want.  I think her teacher is brave.  Stay tuned…. ( :

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  1. Hi!! I sure miss you, but being on Facebook (thanks to my grandson) keeps me in touch with you. I loved the above message and photos you posted. Keep it coming. Hey Mike, I’m still playing the CD’s you gave me – I love having the words to sing at home (I’m braver singing at home than I am in church)!! Lol, Maureen

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