What? Wait! No Way! Candy Experiments.

If you’re like us, your dining room table looked like this Monday night.  Because you had to check the candy, of course. (And eat one or two pieces.)

But then after a few days of the kids acting like they are stuck on a trampoline no matter where they go or are, you get a little tired of the candy… and you hear about CANDY EXPERIMENTS!

So you…

1. Get out a clear glass and put a little warm water in it.  Then you say, “Hey Kids! I know an awesome trick to do with your skittles and M&Ms… and I promise it doesn’t involve me eating it.”  They hesitantly come, clutching their candy.

2. You talk them out of 1 skittle each and gently let the skittle dive down, letter-side up.

3. The kids get a little nervous and start wondering if you’re going to drink their candy instead of eating it.

4. You tell them to hush and then… success!!!  See the “S” came right off the candy and floated to the top!

5. Sure now that you’re serious and this isn’t just a ploy to eat their candy, they want to try it now with M&Ms….

6. The kids at this point will be like “Oh gross” about the colors all swirling around and the candy shell flaking off and that’s when you say, “Yep. And that’s probably what it looks like in your stomach, so you probably want to hand over your candy now.”

It was worth a shot.

Check out this candy experiment and more here!

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