Why We’re Racing Pancakes

Photo By Robin Myerscough

I had no idea that Fat Tuesday and Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, were the same thing.  Maybe I’m in the minority but I never would’ve learned this had it not been for the blogosphere! Last year, we celebrated Fat Tuesday so it seems only fair to give Pancake Day a chance.

Since sugar, flour, fat, and eggs are usually restricted during Lent (starting tomorrow), Pancake Day was born.  Football games usually happened that day too for some reason… and in the street until, sadly, the Highway Act of 1835 banned football in the highway. Go figure.

Anyway, a lady was so busy making pancakes that day that when the church bells rang she went running to church… pancake in hand! I’ve had days like that. So I thought it’d be a kick to hold a pancake race tonight right before we eat!

My hubby makes the best pancakes.  I thought that I could make the best pancakes too.  After all, I used the same recipe!

My kiddos disagreed…  So I did the next necessary thing — I spied on hubby making pancakes.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

When he thought no one was looking he slipped out MY espresso syrup (because he loves the Irish Creme), and slipped a cap full of English Toffee into the pancake batter.

Is it any wonder that the kids declare Dad’s pancakes a close second to Krispy Kreme Donuts?!

So after my outrage, I settled down and admitted that this really does make delicious pancakes.  Pancakes for dinner!

(And blueberry smoothies without sweetening for dessert so I don’t feel too guilty.)

Happy Pancake Day!

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