National Coupon MOnth

I can’t let September go by, without celebrating National Coupon Month.

I enjoy celebrating this holiday with my children, by

  1. Using coupons to buy things they absolutely love
  2. Acting like a game show host at the dinner table, and allow them to guess what the prices are for each item.
  3. Take them shopping with me (once a month tops because it’s not that fun) and have them spot the deals and hold the coupons—which I explain is like holding real cash!

For all those who aren’t clipping, it’s a lot more fun with these ladies! They do the work for you, which I am all about.

While I haven’t spent a lot of time at this site I’ve heard it’s great at getting started and giving you the local deals.  The Krazy Coupon Ladies started in my current city, so I know they’ve got my back.

Enjoy clipping, saving, and getting stuff for free or for pennies!

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