Baseball and Restaurants

I should be the world’s last person to speak of baseball, but I am, because that’s what we’re doing with the kiddos tonight.

Babe Ruth set a home run record of 60 home runs in 1927 on this very day in history–not to be broken until Roger Maris in 1961, then Mark Mcgwire in 98, and Barry Bonds in 01.

Interesting fact – On this SAME day in history in 1934, Babe was mad that he wasn’t named Yankees manager, did his last game, and quit. He had played for the Yankees for 15 years.

Curious to see what the kids think of that decision.  Family Fun has some awesome baseball cupcakes that the kids can make with you.  We’ve done it before and the kids had a blast with it.

So, restaurants — my kids hardly ever get to go to a restaurant because we’re so frugal (and my husband is an amazing cook) but on the occassion we do it’s a HUGE treat. So today, and today only, check out check out the restaurants in your area and get gift certificates for 25 dollars.  At checkout enter the code WOW and you’ll get it for just a dollar!  Cheapest price for the entire year. Read the small print. Most certificates require you spend 35 dollars, but if you look at the menu and plan it, you can leave only spending 11 dollars (counting gift certificate price).

I get no kickback on this deal – it’s just another way for families to find something celebratory on an ordinary day!

Blueberry Popsicle Month

Apparently, I somehow missed  National Blueberry Popsicle Day on September 2nd.  Although, reports are a bit conflicted. Some say it’s actually Blueberry Popsicle Month, and since that fits my agenda better, I’m going with that.

I have decided that popsicle molds are the best things! I picked up one at Wal-Mart during summer and had just been doing juices, until a friend (and amazing jeweler) mentioned that she froze the remainder of her smoothie for snacks later.


So, I’ve been freezing fruit smoothies – made purely from frozen fruit, a touch of yogurt, a touch of juice, and a swig of milk (sometimes soy milk).  These smoothies that the kids normally only drink a few sips of because they’re ‘not sweet enough’ are a huge hit when frozen and called, “FRUIT BARS!”

They can’t get enough!

So for Blueberry Popsicle Month, I highly recommend freezing portions of a blueberry smoothie.  I’ve heard Dixie cups work well too though with a wooden craft stick right in the middle – simply peel off the waxed paper and eat!

P.S. I’ll be making chocolate pudding tomorrow. I’m hoping to try to make pudding pops from the leftovers. Anyone tried that yet?

Why You Should Keep Tabs on the Computer

You know how I went on and on about keeping kids creative, and that one of our projects was doing our own newspaper complete with comics?

Well, I get a parental report about all the activity my children do on the computer.

Which I highly recommend.

This is what I found.

Hats, Backpacks, and Manners

Did you know we have a Headwear Information Bureau? I’m serious.

There is no ‘holiday’ today so I was looking at what special months there were, still on my mission to find the celebratory in the ordinary. And I see a link and a summary which says, “Bush founded the Headwear Information Bureau…”

My mouth drops open. “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

So of course I click it. Turns out a woman named Casey Bush founded it, not the President.  I relaxed.  It made much more sense.

Anyway, it is Fall Hat Month, where we celebrate leaving straw hats behind for fabric. We are encouraged to wear stylish hats this month, and it’s “widely celebrated in the fashion industry.”

Seeing that quote makes me think of my daughters, who are all about fashion. I, half-wishing I could satisfy they’re artistic desire to shop for new clothes, can’t help but smile, nod, and quote Frankie Heck of The Middle. “Sorry. Wrong family.”

They still are very fashionable and my youngest daughter likes to walk in my room in the morning to ask for a ponytail.

“High. Low?” I ask.

She sighs. “NOT FOR FASHION! It’s just to keep the toothpaste out of my hair.”

Which is my favorite type of fashion — practical. My son does look amazing in a hat though.

If you don’t feel like breaking the rules and letting kids wear hats to the dinner table, then celebrate Children’s Good Manners Month. This could be fun, especially if you exaggerate it to make the point:

“Dearest darling, would you be ever so kind to pass me the salt? I would be much obliged.”

My children will no doubt do this in varying accents. Eldest daughter is loving the Scottish thing right now. I blame Artemis Fowl, the audio book edition.

And National Backpack Safety which might keep your kid away from a chiropractor’s office.  My eldest has to take three bags to school currently as she needs to take things for cross country, band, and then the normal school load.  Although, he never used a backpack, I still get this image in my mind when thinking about the subject: