Happy Birthday Sam!

Today, my son turned 10 years old.  It just so happened that I had been cleaning out my desk and found an old memory stick that had photos of Sam. Pardon my flashback…

He has always cleaned up nice.

Always known how to make his sisters laugh…

Known how to groove.

Ah, the days of Bob the Builder and Blues Clues are far behind me.

But he still knows how to clean up nice.

Happy Birthday, Sam!  I love watching you grow up!

Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, I really wanted to go use up a bunch of gas and drive to the big screen to see African Cats, but instead we brought home a baby…

A Baby Tree!  Lowe’s was giving out free baby trees today  – trees that need to grow a year in a container before you plant them in the ground.  But we’ve got time, and it’ll be fun to watch it grow!

Anabelle just enjoyed moving around dirt on Earth Day.  Seems a fitting way to celebrate to me.

Easter Eggs!!!

In years past, dyeing the Easter Eggs was an artistic endeavor; everyone working hard to make an beautiful work of genius.

This year . . . not so much.

There was a LOT of giggling.

The difference?

It was the first year that we’d ever dyed blown-out eggs.

As soon as Sam discovered that when you lifted the blown-out egg out of the dye, you had to wait a long time for the dye to run out of the bottom end… well, let’s say he kept choosing yellow dye. And the kids just couldn’t stop laughing.

Although, Anabelle made a valiant effort.

Hope you had a fabulous time dyeing eggs too!




Racing Day!

Something special happens in a mom’s heart when you see your son stand up and lead the pledge of allegiance.

Then the lights were turned off to hide such emotion while the disco light went up and “We are the Champions” started to play.

Then the first round – Sam is called up and everything goes real fast.

And I keep seeing fist pumping and a very happy son.

And again…and again… and again…. and then a lot of waiting, and then the final four was announced.

And Sam heard his name, and began racing again… and again… and again…

And this mom was very proud.  But not so much because he was in the top four winner circle, but because last year when he didn’t win and was always 3rd or 4th in his races he smiled and cheered everyone else on.  It was his first Pinewood Derby last year and he took note of what everyone was doing so he could improve.  And this year, I heard other boys doing a lot of trash talking, and my son just smiled and nodded.  I saw other boys win a race or two and heard them bragging loudly.  Sam won his races gracefully.  And boy did my heart want to burst.

I think his Dad was having a heart full moment too, as he saw Sam enjoy every minute of it.

Anabelle cheered hard for her brother and tried her own version of trash talking (hard not to laugh at, but still had to be addressed!).  She especially liked the pit stop of chocolate donuts (tires) and apple juice (oil).

Sam has his trophy and his medal displayed proudly on his wall, right next to his car and participant certificate from last year.

And he’s already making designs, plans, and adjustments for next year.