Spring Clean

Ever need help motivating the kids to sort through things for spring cleaning?


Pinewood Prep


The Shark…

The Gummy Shark.

Entirely Sam’s design, creation, and idea, this smooth racing shark weighs in at exactly 5.0 ounces with smooth axles and wheels that spin freestyle for 15 seconds.

Racing Day is Tuesday.


Max On Life Review

Frankly the title turned me off,  but I opened the page and instantly got sucked in.

Why? Because these are real questions that either most people have wrestled over or someone they know has voiced.  The book is divided into sections categorically, and offers a topical index in the back to search for particular issues.

I cautiously read because I didn’t want to read a whole book about someone’s personal opinion on such deep spiritual questions.  His answers, though, are first and foremost scripture followed by personal anecdotes.  Imagine a large group of people writing down life questions and issues that bother them and handing them anonymously to a biblical scholar, letting him do all the work with the promise that he’ll get back to you on it.   In essence, that’s what you should expect with this book.

Lucado is witty and conversational at the same time, which, I believe, reads easy but is hard to pull off. This is why his readers must be so loyal.  Truth, entertainment, practical application, and relatability all wrapped up in one package.

You won’t want to sit down and read this all in one sitting. Every question won’t apply to you or even people close to you.  Some of the answers will seem short and general, which is understandable as many of the topics would make a book itself, but he sticks with the most important things to pass on.  It’s something you’ll want to have on hand, though, and would make an excellent coffee table book (should be a must in a church library!). A hearty 4 out of 5 booklights.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for graciously sending me a copy to review!

Spring is in the Camera

I never know what will end up on my camera some days, but I always enjoy the surprise.

Happy Spring!