New Law

For this Friday flashback, I thought it was appropriate to visit memory lane a year ago:

We’ve reached that point in summer where we’ve spent so much time together that in spite of enjoying the time together, we (as in me), are ready for a little time apart. But I also know that just as soon as school starts, we (as in me), will also be immediately ready for some quality family time together. As such, I am purposely not focusing on the frustrations of summer such as the constant stream of dirty dishes into my sink, the constant movement of toys and books around the house, and the absence of quiet at all times. Instead I’m focusing on the best moment of the day.

Today’s best moment was a trip to the pool and watching the kids pretend to be penguins dancing in the ocean, then seeing them pretend to be synchronized swimmers in a dramatic fashion. (It was very funny.)

Then I got home and after cleaning the kitchen for what must have been the tenth time that day, the children walked in the kitchen and got out a most messy snack. I had a “THAT’S IT!” moment followed by a nice little reminder lesson on cleaning up after themselves and what that looked like.

Katarina smiled. “Great. It’s the No Crumb Left Behind Act.”

Sam burst out laughing. She’s too funny for her own good. But I’ll admit it, it’s my new favorite moment of the day.

In the Know

Lately the hubby and I have been wanting our kiddos to know a little of what goes on in the world, yet a full newscast goes into too much detail, leaves them with more questions than answers, and contains frequent commercials and visuals we’d prefer to skip.

Enter CNN Student News, a new find for me.  At 10 minutes long and without commercials, it’s the perfect newscast for our kiddos (not to mention for us!) and has just enough conversation starters without becoming overwhelming.  Anabelle is glad the site has maps below the video so she can see where in the world these countries are located!

It’s a service available for middle school & high school teachers, but it works great for our family thus far! Oh, and our favorite part? They always end on a happy note… (for instance, have you ever heard of FISHING Cats???)

Feel free to check out today’s newscast with us:

Roller Coaster Science

The kids have been wanting to come up with creative things to do with cereal boxes.  A marble run sounded like just the ticket!  In fact, if you want to make sure your marble run works, I highly recommend following the previous link!

However, if you are like Sam . . . and many other children I know, you might have a fascination for rollercoasters.  And this would be the ideal chance for kiddos to test their ideas.  Our house has collections of many rollercoaster designs on paper… now for a working model!

What a great opportunity to see just how the slightest change could be disastrous for a passenger on a roller coaster!  We tested our rollercoaster with a magnetix ball that can’t possibly break.

The marbles were relieved, and glad to have a turn after the safety tests were completed.  Sam made sure there were several paths the marbles could take, so it would never be the same ride twice.

Now on to a thriller ride!

Friday Flashback – Head Tattoos

I found Katarina holding a wet rag on Anabelle’s forehead.

I ran to them. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Oh, she’s not hurt,” Katarina replied. She took off the washcloth. “I’m giving her a tatoo!”

Right on the middle of her forehead. Didn’t someone on Ebay sell their forehead for advertising space once? I think the Library owes us some moola.