It’s A Walk In the Park

I love a walk in the park.  And I love being in nature without camping. I once wrote a song about a walk in the park:

“It’s a Walk in the Park! Some might say it’s just so easy (it’s a walk in the park!) but you better your watch your step…”

Yesterday all the warnings in my song came true: we stepped in something left by other dog walkers (thanks, a lot), we were chased by bees and yellow stinging ladybugs, and acorns fell on our heads by feisty squirrels.

Still, I love a walk in the park.  Nature soothes emotions so unexpected things (like above) can happen.

And the love extends to the dog…

but not to the sun that kept getting in eyes…

I love a walk in the park.


Nice Forks

For today’s Friday flashback, I zoom back to October 2007, and a favorite (still favorite) dinner game we play on those chilly fall nights where you can sit around the table a little longer:

We’ve been playing a game at dinner every night. It’s called: Mad, Sad, Glad.
Each member mentions an incident of their day that made them mad, sad, and glad.

The kids LOVE it. And it’s been a great way to get an inside look at their days and what makes them tick.

Anyway, Anabelle is slowly catching on. But a lot of the times her stories are fictional: “I was mad when my grandma broke the window and accidentally made my eyeball fall out.” or “I was glad when I learned how to fly on Sugar’s back.”

So, during “glad” this time she started making her fork dance and sing.  Except, that’s not allowed.

“Put the fork down,” I said, as the fork narrowly missed scratching my arm, “I don’t want it scratching anyone.”

“Oh, he would never do that!” she insisted. “He’s a NICE fork.”

Family Fun Entertainment

Have you ever come across an idea and suddenly it seemed like the most obvious idea in the world and then you were mad at yourself for not thinking of it first?

No? Oh, well, it happened to me yesterday when Katarina begged me to check out something called, “Kid History.” Essentially, it’s kids telling their dads & uncles true stories as the children remember them… and the adults acting it out. And we found it… hilarious. Enjoy!

Rocket Into Fun

Sam first became aware that you can build your own rocket in Boy Scouts.  So when he had a free day with Dad and Grandpa Don, he knew what he wanted to do with it. Build and launch a rocket!

As a newbie to this whole rocket business, I was quite surprised to find out my 10 year old was indeed old enough.  All I could think was: “Danger! Danger!”  But the men followed the safety procedures, and it really was great entertainment!

The three men explained all the science to me, but in the end I just retained that the wad helps the parachute release and the doodad below the engine forces it up.  And the doohickie attaches to an indicator wire deallyhoo that can go bad so you might want an extra thingymajiggy handy just in case.

I have a hard time seeing my children do seemingly grown up things… like putting together a rocket and launching it. Seems more like a space shuttle in my mind when watching my child do it.

Isn’t that a ROCKIN’ photo?

I highly recommend this family fun event.  I also highly recommend doing it far, far away from any other buildings or streets.

Wanna feel like you were there?  Check out this video montage!  (Or skip towards the end to make fun of my freaking out montage.)