Stuff You Don’t Consider When Naming A Child

Discussion is always lively at the family dinner table.   We never know what to expect.

The other night was no different.  “Why do both of you always refer to your brothers as Uncle John or Uncle Justin?”  my daughter asked.  “They’re not YOUR uncles.”

Mike shrugged.  “But they’re your uncles.”

She grinned and turned to her brother.  “So you know that means when I have kids I’ll always call you Uncle Sam.”

My mouth dropped in surprise.  I looked at Mike and saw his eyes equally wide.  “Did you ever…?”

“Nope.”  He shook his head.  “Never put that together.”

“Maybe by then, no one will associate it-”

“Yeah, maybe.”

We both looked at each other skeptically while our daughter gloated over pointing out something her parents had never thought of…

A Positive Attitude

We love the Geico commercials… well, most of them. I also listen to Air1 while doing carpool. So when these came out, we found them hilarious.
For What We’re Watching Wednesday:

Rice Snowman & Children With Other Ideas

I know there is a plethora of cute, awesome, amazing snowman ideas.  I saw one cute idea regarding snowmen made of socks but it required cotton batting and beans and other crafty items I don’t own.  Then I thought about rice warmers.  Could I combine the two?

I tested my theory out of some fancy long socks my daughter thinks are scratchy.  I poured rice into a sock, knotted it, poured rice, knotted it, and folded down the top edge for the hat.  I microwaved it for a minute and voila! Warmth.

Until my youngest walked in.  “OH!  So Cute!”

She confiscated it.  I explained I was about to draw on a face and add some fabric embellishments.  “No!  Not my Snow Beanie!”

Oh dear.  She had already named it.  I explained how I was about to microwave it to show her the warmth – “No!  Don’t microwave him!”

Before I knew it, Snow Beanie had sequins glued on for buttons.  “Uh, sequins are NOT microwaveable,” I stated.

Anabelle smiled.  I believe that was her plan.  Snow Beanie is safe and now sleeping next to her pillow.

Holiday Programs

In my “telling Anabelle stories of when she was young” series, I bring you today’s Friday Flashback:

Here she is practicing for her big, upcoming Christmas program.

“Good tidings to bring to you and your kin,” Anabelle sings.

“Kin, means family, Mom.” She gives me the teacherly, I’m-very-well-informed-thank-you-very-much nod, and proceeds to sing, “we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New YOU!”

That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?