Fun With Snow

Here today, gone tomorrow. When it FINALLY starts to snow for the first time all winter, and the weatherman explains that it will turn to rain and be gone by the morning, your kids will likely cry.

Because they have school. And indoor recess.
So, if you want to make your kids smile while simultaneously causing the neighbors to think you are insane, here’s what you do:

You shovel your sidewalk  and driveway and shove it to the covered porch.  Or until your arms feel like they’ll fall off.  Pictured: Shovel #1

And you let them play in the snow before school, while it’s still snowing.  And the dog doesn’t know what to think.  So when the kids throw a snowball, the dog thinks it’s a real ball and ‘catches’ it then looks around to see where it went. The dog may also wonder why their mouth is suddenly full of cold water.

And when the children come home and begin their homework, you say, “You can do homework later!  Go play!”  And the children look at you for a moment as if you truly have lost your marbles, then run outside cheering!

Ground too hard to do snow angels?  I thought this was hilarious!

I love watching the kids play in the snow while staying warm INDOORS.

And I love, when they have something really cool to show me… like the secret fort they built WITHIN the snowman… that I can hand off the camera to the eldest and still stay INDOORS.

Very cool.

Goodbye, snow.  It was fun while it lasted… and kind of freaky that you left behind green grass.





This month we celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s birthday.

Since Ben invented so many things (including flippers at age 12) we celebrate inventing this month! As I research how to encourage young inventors, I frequently come across Rube Goldberg machines.  They are comical inventions to complete a simple task, and work great at fueling kids’ imaginations!

So for What We’re Watching Wednesday, I’d like to point you to an inventor that was just featured this month by the New York Times.  A word of caution – if your little ones get bored during the talking segment, fast forward to the last minute and a half. They’re sure to enjoy it!

A Moment I Want to Remember

My youngest looked up at me when I went to kiss her goodnight.  “Mom, I figured out I’m the opposite of Harry Potter.”

“How’s that?” I asked.

“I look just like my mother, but I have my father’s eyes.”

How true.

Dress Your Pet Day

I have no idea the origin of this bizarre holiday, but our dog is just too patient (and too relaxed) for us to let this day go by without celebrating!

What?  You don’t have a pet to dress up?

Then use your artistic side to dress up your stuffed animals instead.

My daughter explains that Cuddles is wearing this hand-stitched doily dress accessorized with beautiful, clear plastic costume jewelry and sparkly recycled ribbon that says, “I just love Dress Your Pet Day, dah-ling!”

And finally, if you don’t have a pet or stuffed animals, share the joy by sending some fun to another pet in your life!  For instance, Sugar sent her cousin an outfit to aid in hunting squirrels!