How to Be A Water Fight Professional


I’ve been meaning to post this all summer. We still have a few days before fall!

Two things: Our favorite middle-grade series: Fun4Hire. It’s hilarious (and meaningful) for the whole family (and the first book, Water Fight Professional is free for kindle, Nook, and iBooks! No affiliate link.) The second book is about the Snowball Fight Professional, so get reading before winter hits.

Second: How to make your own super soaker.


We found the DIY project in Popular Science back in 2013. The link takes you to the directions where they claim you can make tons of water blasters for $15, made out of PVC pipe.

I liked the sound of that, but I will say our out of pocket was over $20.  Tip: The 0-ring in the article is hard to find. I’d print out the article and take it with you to your hardware store and let them find the closest thing to make it work.

Still worth the extra, though, as these babies have lasted several years. We made five of them, all with different holes drilled in the end so they all squirt different.



We called them Wazookas. I filled a bucket of water with the hose and let them water my garden, seeing who could water it from the farthest distance.


Notice how all the pictures seem to be taken from far away?



Yeah. This mom had to stay close to the backdoor to make a quick getaway from my family of water fight professionals.

Enjoy the last days of summer!