Don’t Kiss Him Goodbye

Thanks to Tyndale Publishers, I got the chance to read the second book in the London Confidential young adult series by Sandra Byrd.

Don’t Kiss Him Good-Bye (London Confidential) is about Savvy, an American teen relocated with her family to a London village, and her attempts to adapt and still reach her career goals in life, namely, to be a journalist.

The title is misleading, but only because there is a twist to it that I don’t want to give away. Romance? Enough to make you smile, keep you on your toes guessing, and most importantly, some deep questions behind it all that will make you stop and think.

Cute, funny, and I learned more about British humor, phrases, and fashion. A fun, very fast read that I give 5 out of 5 booklights for preteen and teen gals.

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