A Bubbly Day & A Halloween Light Stick Tip

The Dollar Tree is selling these awesome glow in the dark masks, swords, and fairy wands. My kids are excited to have something glow in the dark be part of their costume.  We’ve used the following tip before, and it really works. If your kids use glow-in the dark anything on Halloween, try it out!

Did you know we have a champagne bureau? I certainly did not. They apparently represent the U.S. in the trade association for grape growers in Champagne, France. They are very strict about protecting the name Champagne.

Well obviously we are not going to drink Champagne as a family, but when I read that a scientist named Bill Lembeck said there were 49 million bubbles in a 750ml bottle of champagne and challenged people to try to count them… well, that seemed to inspire some family fun.

So I’m thinking a bottle of sparkling fruit juice or maybe Italian soda made with ginger ale might be a fun treat tonight… along with the challenge to see how many bubbles are in that bottle of soda before I start pouring.

Then we could talk about how the bottling plant forces carbon dioxide into the soda… more so than would normally be in the air.  When I turn the top, we hear most of the gas escape the bottle. But what’s left in the drink is dissolved carbon dioxide which is called carbonic acid. That’s why we call a drink carbonated.

I wish it was warmer or we’d try the Mentos Geyser experiment

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