Car Dreaming

This week is on the frantic side of normal. Putting together a BIG plan for a successful road trip that I can’t wait to share with you.

Do you ever discuss things with your spouse/another adult that you hope the kids don’t overhear? We had one of those moments. Nothing shocking, but over a glass of wine, we were daydreaming/discussing the possibilities of trading our car in for a minivan with less miles. The kids, unfortunately, have ears that rival a dolphin (dolphins can hear 14 times better than a normal human, in case you wondered).

“What!” Anabelle exclaimed.

I cringed. I waited for all the kids to get excited at getting a new-to-us car and groan in disappointment when we would inevitably explain that were just daydreaming/brainstorming at the moment. But the response was the exact OPPOSITE of what we expected.

“Don’t get rid of the car,” Sam said. “We like it!”

“Yeah!” Anabelle shouted. “We’ve lost a bunch of stuff in that car! If you sell it, we’ll NEVER find it!”

They all nodded.

So there you go.

We’re keeping the car because it is a black hole. A black hole that they all optimistically hope will spew back their stuff.

I just added ‘vacuum the car’ to my pre-trip agenda.

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