A Genius Guide for Planning Summer

I was discussing with a friend the challenge of coming up with a good summer routine.  This fellow mom has seven kids – you read correctly – SEVEN kids!  She had a genius idea.  She didn’t want them to sit down and have to do homework to keep their little minds engaged and fresh during the summer but she wanted them to still learn (while having fun).  So she had a family meeting and asked each child to come up with one subject that they wanted to learn about.  With approximately 7 weeks of vacation left for them, they’d focus on each subject for one week and do one activity/meal/field trip surrounding each subject.

Isn’t that an awesome idea?!  With permission, she allowed me to share these ideas with you.  Her children chose:

Iceland.  Upon research they found that they do a lot of fishing.  Instant fieldtrip and fun! Or iceskating. They’ll decorate their house with some Iceland themes and make a traditional Iceland meal together.  Fun!

Sand dunes!  We happen to have sand dunes about an hour away. Do you have sand dunes in your state?  So much to learn and experience with these amazing physical landmarks.

Sharks!  There are countless educational videos available about sharks.  We even made a short video as we saw a rare sight of a small shark washed up on a pacific Oregon beach a few years ago.  Plus aquarium trips! Some aquariums let you pet sting rays.  They must be a type of shark because they gave me a sticker that said “I touched a shark”.

Motorcycles.  After you learned about a motorcycle you could find someone to give short rides in a quiet neighborhood (helmets, please!).

Space!  Oh, the possiblities.  I’m so jealous of Android users who can download Sky Map , a free Google app that allows you to point at the night sky and instantly know what you’re looking at!  Astronomy Magazine offers a weekly guide on what to look for.  Finish the viewing session with a little space ice cream. (Might want to have the real stuff on hand to get the chalky taste out of your mouth!)

Marvel comics.   We just did a post on making your own comic.  Still Marvel comics has their own comic creator. Wouldn’t it be fun to design your own superhero, get dressed up as one, and then watch a movie (at home!).  The perfect thing to learn about before watching one of the many, many Marvel movies out on video and in theaters!

Paris!  These sound like so much fun to me.  A trip to the library for a little research, then a whole week of themed-fun.  I loved these ideas so much I had to have my own family meeting to get ideas.

The family meeting started and clearly they were in a silly mood.  My family’s ideas:

Silly state laws.

How to blink.

Parents and all their dark secrets.

How to play video games and watch TV.

By this point they were laughing hysterically.  Little do they know that I’m determined to come up with some fun, educational, themed activities from their silly suggestions!  Let me know what ideas/subjects your families brainstorm!



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