A Hiking We Will Go

Want a guaranteed method to get the kids to sleep early?  Hike!

I love, love, love hiking. See the top of that rock over there?  That’s our destination.  I researched it, but wasn’t quite clear what the best trail would be to get there… it’s an adventure, though, so let’s just try this one!

We went up…

and up. . .

and up . . .

and . . . well, you get the idea.

Along the way, Kat took pictures of the plant life.

After 30 minutes of up and up, we found a bench and

Mike & Sam looked to see how far we still had to go.  They weren’t thrilled by what they saw.

I suppose I should mention it was 96 degrees.

“I hate hiking,” Sam said.  Mike agreed.

“What?! You’ve always said you loved hiking!” I threw my hands around. “The beauty, the trails, the . . .”

He pointed to the long trail ahead.  “It’s complicated.”

We kept going. Up. . .

and up . . . By this time, I hated hiking too. Until…

we took a break.  And then I loved it again.

And I love the memories, and the pictures . . . like this one where we’re all left wondering why Mike’s shoe was where it was when we took the picture.

And then we started down. . . Okay, I’ll spare you.  But it was on the journey down that I could see that we had accidentally picked the hardest trail there was.  Oops.  Guess that explained why it was mostly deserted.Tired, sweaty, and a little mad at mom that we did the hardest 75 minute hike we’ve ever tried, a little encouragement was needed.

“How about some ice cold slushies?”

We all love hiking again.




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