A President, Prairie Dogs, and Rest Areas

We have just finished a 3,325 mile car trip.  A pretty good way to conclude a road trip series of posts, eh?

All I have to say is this: I never want to see another public restroom in my life.

I’m just kidding–that’s not all I have to say.  While I hate the actual restrooms, stopping frequently over such a long drive was a life saver.

This stop was a few minutes off the interstate, but a perfect place to have a picnic dinner.  The beauty recharged me. I just wished we could stay longer than 10 minutes. But when you have that long to go, you learn to appreciate even the shortest of stops.

Feel free to chime in, but of the states we drove through, Wyoming had my favorite rest stops.  (Not bathrooms, just rest areas!)  It was always more than just a small building or plot of green grass.  Instead, we saw lots of small hiking trails around a theme.  At this stop, there was a maintained hill of prairie dogs!  They were clearly used to people as they’d come right up to the edge…

Many of the old timers were interested in the slice of banana bread hubby had swiped from the cooler in the trunk.  Alas, banana bread is too good to waste on prairie dogs. Besides, I feared a prairie dog invasion if he dropped a crumb.  But this rest area supplied 10 min. of smiles and giggles for my kiddos before piling back in the car.

Wyoming did a good job of having attractive yet informative signs and sights at each rest area.  We thought it was odd that Wyoming had a statue of Abe Lincoln.

This stop off the interstate was apparently called Abe Lincoln Highway.

The kids thought his expression was a little creepy, and wished they would’ve put more than just his head.Especially since they had just held a little piece of history at their grandpa’s house.

One of hubby’s relatives had passed on this paper from 1865!

I had never heard that cabinet members had attempts on their lives as well!

So we learned a lot about Abe Lincoln on the trip.  That, and, that not many public restrooms have working soap. (So glad I packed hand sanitizer!)  Still, to the designers of the rest areas in Wyoming:  Thank you for giving me more to look at than a bathroom when I got out of the car.

Also, you know you’ve been in the car too long when you are willing to practice karate forms and spin around like Wonder Woman in public just to get some blood flowing before hopping back in the car.  Now that I’m home and back in my right mind, I hope that tourist who held up a camera towards me was just joking.




3 comments to A President, Prairie Dogs, and Rest Areas

  • Tiffany @ DontWastetheCrumbs

    “not many public restrooms have working soap” – THANK YOU! We’re in the midst of planning a road trip and had COMPLETELY forgotten about public restrooms. Hand sanitizer is a MUST with two pre-schoolers and their related messiness. I’m reading your “must-have item” list next!

  • Elisa | blissfulE

    “I’m just kidding–that’s not all I have to say.” Hahahaha! Hopefully those memories will fade, while the ones you took pictures of will remain. Though maybe not the karate picture… what do you want to bet that person has a blog, too?? :)

  • Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me

    3325 miles?! Wow girl, you are brave! I bet you could write a book on how to design the perfect rest stop. Welcome home!

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