A Special Weekend

I’ve mentioned before that our family is reading through the Bible this year.

We made it through Exodus and Leviticus and are traveling through Numbers now.

Mike is working 58 hours this week, but thankfully gets Sunday off.  I was thinking through how to make that a super restful day before the workweek kicks back, and I started thinking about the Sabbath.

So far in our reading the Sabbath is mentioned so many times as a lasting ordinance.  When reading through the Bible, I picked up something different than I have before — yes, the Sabbath is a day to remember that the Lord is holy, but He keeps saying to remember that it was He who brought them out of Egypt.

That makes the Sabbath also about freedom.  Remember that we’re free.  I have been trying to find out how the Jews celebrate.  Granted we’re celebrating mostly on Sunday while they do on Saturday and a host of other differences, but I want the basics -

When God is creating, he says there was evening then there was morning, day 1.  So they start the Sabbath in the evening.  No work is actually not the best translation.  It’s no creative work.

I found it all very fascinating, and you can read the basics here,  but this is what comes of it for me:

When have I ever planned out a day of rest? In other words, when have I, the day before Sunday, made sure that there would be no work waiting for us on Sunday?  Um, never.   Unless on vacation.

Today we are cooking, cleaning, and baking.  Before sunset the kids will be bathed and before sunset we will recite a short blessing.  Then a joyful feast!! No dishes, though!  I think paper plates sounds good, or I just have to get used to the idea of a full sink…. I think paper plates.

Something will be in the crockpot for the next day as we sleep.  Tomorrow there will be no T.V. but there will be walks and a nap (or two) and games (and hopefully good weather).

The kids are actually very excited about this.   I am too.  I hope to experience the joyful Sabbath like never before, while at the same time rejoicing that we have so much grace that I don’t have to be legalistic about it.

And then after sunset Sunday night, we will prepare for the week.

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