A Sticker Chart for Parents??

People often tell us that children don’t come with manuals. My husband always replies, “Ours did!” He’s referring to the stack of magazines and guides that went home with us from the hospital.

And since then, we have read even more books, magazines and blogs. We’re constantly seeing posters for parental and discipline workshops on elementary school bulletin boards and church handouts.

Bottom line – there are SO many good ideas out there! Creative, genius bloggers and authors with tips and photos of how to teach your child, motivate your child, develop your child’s talents … and all in a fun, colorful manner. I mean Pinterest! Come on!

Sometimes I feel like Frankie Heck (and sometimes my hubby feels like Mike Heck), always having ideas that would better us as a family.

Except I’m not (usually) trying to do something drastic.  It’s usually just little things like start a new laundry system. (Kids put all their dirty clothes in the laundry room each morning.)
Or teach the children something they’ve been wanting to learn (piano lessons).

We have established many good routines and achieved many goals. Yet, as they children age, routines and chores need to change. Hubby & I usually handle change by sitting alone and brainstorming over the ways to handle it, or ways to improve our lives in general. We usually have a stroke of brilliance (or visit a blogger that already had this type of stroke) and develop a plan. There’s just one problem.

We have to do it. And not just do it, but be consistent in keeping it going. You know, until it becomes a habit. This week, when I got frustrated that some of our new habits weren’t gelling, we went back to the drawing board and realized our plan was good. We just weren’t consistent.

“We just need to reward ourselves!” I said.

“Yes!” Hubby nodded. “So let’s fine the kids every time they don’t do _______ or do ________ and save up for a great date night!” (You can fill in the blank with good and bad behaviors.)

I started to think over hubby’s idea when he interjected. “Nah! That won’t work. I like date nights too much. I’d fine them all the time.”

We had a good laugh over it, but it got me thinking. Maybe I need one of those sticker charts.Or a consistency jar. Because honestly when do we reward ourselves as parents when we start doing better?

When we stop nagging/whining and act like the parents we want to be? Wouldn’t that help the habit?  Plus, and maybe this motivates me more, I think kids would appreciate (or laugh at) parents having a sticker chart.

And the laugh just might be worth it… as long as it’s followed by hubby & I earning ourselves a date night!

What do you think? Do you reward yourself for being consistent? How do you decide when to keep pressing towards a new parenting habit/routine or when to drop it?

If you seriously want a cool job chart for yourself (or your kids), we found this cute free one at Lemon Squeezy.

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