Airplane Trips

This week’s Friday Flashback focuses on something that families often do in the summertime — airplane trips.

In our case, as soon as we arrived at our destination, I made the kids drink Airborne.

“Why?” Katarina asked.

That’s when I explained how airplane air is circulated and relayed the percentage of people who get sick after an airplane ride. She drank it.

We enjoyed our vacation. Nothing else was said.

So I was in shock,  on the plane ride home, when I looked in the row behind me, where Katarina and Mike sat, and saw Kat like this.

“Where did you get the mask?!?”

Katarina adjusted the mask, only slightly, to reply. “I had it in my backpack to dress up like a doctor, but when I heard about the germs I decided to wear it on the plane.”

I realized that the drink service had already passed by. “Did the flight attendant say anything?”

Katarina shrugged. “No, she just looked nervous when I pulled it down and asked for Sprite.”

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