Angry Birds Party . . . and the Aftermath

Thanks to the templates at The Party Animal Blog so much of our Angry Birds party looked awesome.  Yet, I once again realized something very true about myself – I’m a girl.  A girly girl who doesn’t particularly like loud and crazy.  So 8 boys in my house for 3 hours means that I was VERY thankful my hubby was around to help!

Of course, the do-it-yourself angry bird cupcakes involving sugar sprinkles, marshmallows and candy might have something to do with the loud and crazy portion of the night.

It’s just a guess.

The funniest portions of the party involved angry bird balloons attacking pig balloons, and…

the boys developing hard ‘levels’ of the game with cardboard boxes and tennis balls (representing the pigs).  We even put an angry birds face onto the dodge ball. The faces frequently fell off the balloons and balls provoking fits of giggling and shouts of ‘bird murderer!’

The next day, I kept spotting unusual things around the house:

Didn’t realize I had an angry bird clock.

My cute kitty calendar suddenly looked angry.

Even hubby borrowed the template.  I think he got a well-deserved 15 minute nap before the kids were onto him!

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