Art Inspiration

Google just announced their latest doodle contest for kids. I think this would be a blast to do as a fun family night. I know parents can’t submit, so why do I think this would be fun?
Because kids have more fun doing art with others!

Case in point: I spotted this paint by numbers kit. It was on clearance. And it looked so fun, so I… I bought it for myself!
It’s great for stress relief – fun and creative without having to use much brain power!  Obviously I’m not even close to being done (that baby chick can’t be left orange!), but a funny thing happened when I got out my paints.  My children decided to get out theirs and start playing:

I love what their ‘just playing’ art looks like.

So, back to my suggestion:

Google Doodle.  Check it out.  Have fun!


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